Our Team

  • Eric J. Bennett, Ph.D.
    Eric J. Bennett, Ph.D. Principal Investigator / Associate Professor

    Phone: 858-822-7900

  • Marilyn Leonard
    Marilyn Leonard Staff Research Associate

    Phone: 858-822-3365

  • Insert your picture here
    Insert your picture here

    The Bennett lab is currently accepting applications for postdoctoral and graduate student positions.

  • Danielle Garshott
    Danielle Garshott Graduate Student
  • Julie Monda, Ph.D.
    Julie Monda, Ph.D. POSTDOC
  • Nathan Tsai
    Nathan Tsai Undergraduate Assistant
  • Xuezhen Ge, Ph.D.
    Xuezhen Ge, Ph.D. POSTDOC
  • Julia Rolon
    Julia Rolon Undergraduate Researcher
  • Lani Kaida
    Lani Kaida Undergraduate Researcher
  • Jenny To
    Jenny To Undergraduate Researcher
  • Amanda (AJ) Daniels
    Amanda (AJ) Daniels Graduate Student


  • Liza Petviashvili
    Liza Petviashvili Alumni
  • Elsa Cruz-Andres
    Elsa Cruz-Andres Alumni
  • Elisha Ho, Ph.D.
    Elisha Ho, Ph.D. Alumni
  • Arit Ghosh, Ph.D.
    Arit Ghosh, Ph.D. Alumni

    Postdoc at the University of Delaware

  • Amit Fulzele, Ph.D.
    Amit Fulzele, Ph.D. Alumni

    Proteomics facility manager at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

  • Nambi Sundaramoorthy, Ph.D.
    Nambi Sundaramoorthy, Ph.D. Alumni
  • Lulu Li
    Lulu Li Alumni

    Ph.D. Student at UC-Berkeley

  • Nathan Zuzow, Ph.D.
    Nathan Zuzow, Ph.D. Alumni

    Applications Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Joshua Gendron, Ph.D.
    Joshua Gendron, Ph.D. Alumni

    Assistant Professor – Yale University

  • Kris Webb, Ph.D.
    Kris Webb, Ph.D. Alumni

    Research Associate at University of Colorado Boulder

  • Renee Higgins, Ph.D.
    Renee Higgins, Ph.D. Alumni

    Scientist at Truvian Sciences

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